A Special Message from Pastor Dave: How You Can Help Flood Victims


In the wake of these devastating floods, the Session has decided to encourage us to take several courses of action.

The first is an encouragement to donate water and nonperishable food.  We have sent four boxes of items already but the need is great as normal food and water systems have been disrupted. There may be a need for items that do not need to be cooked, such as protein bar,s since we are not sure if people are able to cook yet.

The second is to gather and donate cleaning kits consisting of a large bucket filled with work gloves and cleaning gloves, dish soap, Lysol, scouring pads, sponges, scrub brushes, dust masks, clothespins, clothesline, laundry detergent, cleaning towels, heavy duty trash bags and insect repellent. These items have proven to be useful in cleaning up in the wake of disasters.

The third is to donate money in order to purchase food items or cleaning supplies.

The fourth is to consider gathering coworkers, friends, neighbors and fellow congregants to lend a hand in the months to come as part of a clean up crew.

We want to continue to pray for the victims of this devastation; for their strength and ability to cope, for clarity in the way forward, for battling fatigue, despair and grief and for God to reveal his compassion in their time of need.

You may bring your offerings of compassion to the church and we will deliver them to the collection places for distribution.

Thank you.
Pastor Dave
On behalf of the Session

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