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Hope Presbyterian Church has a wide variety of ministries to serve you and your family, and to allow you to serve others.  All of our ministries are designed to help us fulfill our core values of Loving God, Loving all People, Living in Grace. We hope that you will find a place for you to belong and a place for you to serve.  Please contact the church office at 402-895-4044 to sign up, or receive additional information.

Building and Grounds


Contact Information:

Chair: Elder Mike Molacek

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for church maintenance.  If you like painting, landscaping, remodeling, plumbing, electrical work, and helping keep the building clean, this is a great place for you.



Contact Information:

Chair: Elder Lil Fehr

This committee handles the prayer chain, meals when someone is sick or after surgery, rides for those who do not drive, nursing home visits and plans events to bind the congregation together, from picnics to Bunko nights and potluck dinners, to the annual Pie Feed each year.



Contact Information:

Chair: Elder Amy Kaup

The C.E. Committee oversees and plans the C.E. ministry for all ages, screens the use and purchase of curriculum for all areas of education and obtains session approval, solicits volunteers for C.E. ministry each year and presents their names to Session for approval, oversees the purchase of necessary materials to conduct the C.E. ministry, plans and helps execute youth mission trips, oversees the application and background screening process for all C.E. volunteers, oversees the nursery facility of church including the scheduling of volunteers, schedules confirmation classes with pastor, and oversees a child protection policy.



Contact Information:

Chair: Elder Dave Fehr

Enjoy working with numbers?  Finance collects the weekly offering and reports to Session and the congregation, does the yearly financial budget, pays all bills, invests the church’s money wisely, and does all deposits each week. This committee promotes faithful stewardship and oversees the yearly stewardship pledge drive that takes place in the fall.



 Contact Information:

Chair: Elder Tracy Comba

The Mission Committee examines the needs of the community and decides which projects the Hope congregation will pursue to help meet their needs.



Contact Information:

Chair: Elder Sandy Hammond

Worship and Music under the guidance of Session and in conjunction with the pastor and music director, is responsible for all facets of regularly scheduled worship services and approved special worship services. Join in the fellowship of preparing for service (i.e. arranging liturgical furnishings in the sanctuary, preparing communion, being a greeter, decorating); participating in the service (i.e. ushering, serving communion, serving as liturgist); concluding worship (i.e. straightening chairs, checking supplies for next service, putting away communion ware). We welcome you to this ministry.



Contact Information:

Chair: Elder Niki Frerich

Personnel provides job descriptions and reviews for volunteer and paid staff annually (preferably early September), maintains and updates a personnel policy and meets with the pastor for the negotiation of terms of call.


Contact Information:

Chair: Elder Kelly Klopp

This committee oversees the maintenance of the church website and all social media sites, oversees the purchase, renewal, discontinuation and maintenance of church computer hardware, software and office equipment, form, train and maintain a crew of worship technicians that support the worship service through use of multi-media.


COVID Task Force
Contact Information:
Chair: Mike Molacek

Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)
Contact Information:
Chair: Brian Claus

Standing Committee 2021
Nominating Committee
Chair: Tracy Comba
Contact Information:

Nominating Committee schedules meetings to discern candidates who are called and qualified to serve the church as our spiritual leaders and present the nominees to session for election at the congregational meeting each year.


"It’s important to us that our kids have a strong Christian foundation; so, as they started elementary school, we began our search. The first church we visited had beautiful wooden pews just like we remembered from our childhood but there were so many people that we felt lost in the numbers. Then, we came to Hope Presbyterian; it was smaller, welcoming and we very much enjoyed the sermons. Soon after, we started volunteering and helping with small projects....whatever we could fit into our busy schedules. By getting involved, we have built relationships with the most caring and nicest people. Hope has become our family and nothing warms our heart more than hearing our children recite the Lord’s Prayer from memory. That’s when you know you are doing something right. "
- Jason and Traci Chatten


"I felt there was something missing or absent within. I would ask myself, 'Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Is this all there is? Is there not more to me than just being here?' Every time I drove on Q Street, I would whisper quietly to myself, “You must check out that Hope Church.” I finally walked through those big glass doors the summer of 2016. That was it. The sermon I heard that day and the following weeks were literally speaking to me directly and loudly: As if the sermons were for my ears only. I remember going home that first Sunday feeling good, but also thinking about what the sermon was saying to me. It did not take me long to know that is where I needed to be. The door was open, the people inside were kind and welcoming. I felt unconditional love, peace, the feeling of belonging. I wanted to serve. I wanted to learn and grow stronger spiritually. God is meant to be in my life permanently, not part-time but full time. God brought me to Hope and gave me the courage to take the steps to walk-in. I now know that missing, absent feeling was GOD. "
- Rosanna Morrell