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How Hope Helps

Hope Church supports the community in many ways. Our Book Nook provides free books for all. We also have a Food Pantry and gather disaster relief supplies in times of need. If you need food, call the church office at 402-895-4044. We are here to help.

At Hope Presbyterian church we thrive for our future as much as we build upon our past.

THEREFORE, we are actively committing ourselves to a new future of loving god, loving all people and living in grace.

 We will live out that commitment in the following ways:

LOVING GOD – God has richly blessed this church and our families at Hope for many years.  To be in a close and loving relationship with God is our utmost desire.

THEREFORE, we are committing ourselves to strengthening our bond with God through vibrant, meaningful worship that pleases God, enriches our daily lives and is welcoming and readily available to all who desire to worship and explore a relationship with God.

LOVING ALL PEOPLE – Enjoying healthy relationships with one another is a gift of God that we choose to honor.  We believe that from the time people first enter Hope Church and throughout the time of their association with Hope Church they should feel welcomed, accepted and an integral part of a community of caring Christians.

THEREFORE, we are committing ourselves to developing an intentional small group ministry at Hope Church where each of us from the moment we first arrive at Hope Church can develop strong interpersonal relationships, minister to each other and explore our God-given gifts so that we may share the grace of Christ with others in our community.

LIVING IN GRACE – As we grow in faith and respond to God’s loving kindness to us we understand that  God calls us to go beyond our church walls and share his hope, love and grace with all.

THEREFORE, we are committing ourselves to active, compassionate local outreach centered around our Millard neighborhood where we can showcase God’s love and extend his grace through the lives we touch in our local community.

With God as our guide, we believe our future is bright and filled with hope.


"My husband and I have been attending Hope regularly for just over a year and I became a member around six months ago. We felt at home with Hope right away. I grew up in a small town and in an even smaller church. Moving to Omaha was a big change and it was overwhelming to me. Hope has that small town church feel to it where everyone knows each other, we share our joys and struggles with each other, and we feel like we really matter to this community. My husband grew up Catholic and has expressed how welcomed he's felt here every Sunday, even though he's not a formal member. I love to knit and have made a close group of friends with the ladies of the prayer shawl knitting group. This spring I was injured, needed surgery, and was off work for several weeks. We were blessed when members at Hope volunteered to bring us meals, gave me rides to church when I was unable to drive, helped us move from our apartment to a house, and continued to check up on my progress months after my surgery. We look forward to continue growing our faith, volunteering and participating in the numerous outreach programs, and continuing to build and foster relationships with the members here at Hope."
- Hannah Durbin


"We joined Hope Church after our daughter was born. The congregation was so warm and friendly, we all quickly felt at home there. Hope Church fosters both individual and community spirituality and nurtures the religious education for members of all ages."
- Tom and Linda Deegan