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Your spiritual life can be rich, even if we’re not meeting in person. Check below for prayers and devotions.

Thank You for Pastor Jeri-Lynne

Prayer For Our New Pastor

Prayer For Children As They Head Back to School

Trusting God

Making Good Choices

God Gives Us Beauty

God’s Word Lasts Forever

Let The Children Come

A Prayer of Gratitude

Renewed Strength

Don’t Lean On Your Own Understanding

Rejoicing In What God Has Done

God Directs Our Hearts

You Are Not Alone

God Will Never Leave Us

Follow God

God Can Be Trusted

Beautiful Sunsets – A Gift From God

Draw Near To God

God Bless You

In Good Times and Bad

Well Done, Good And Faithful Servant

God’s Glory

He Cares For You

You Are Never Alone

Jesus Loves You

I Am Your God

Prayer for Students and Teachers

Trust In The Lord


Stay Positive


Thoughts for Meditation: Resilience

Thoughts for Meditation: God’s Care

Thoughts for Meditation: Putting God First

God Is Love

Trust In The Lord

Thoughts for Meditation: Resurrection

Thoughts for Meditation: Just As He Said

Thoughts for Meditation: Humility

Palm Sunday

Easter Sunday

Thoughts For Meditation: No Fear

Thoughts For Meditation: The Cross

Thoughts for Meditation: Study

Be Still

Prayer For The Sick

Five-Finger Prayer



"I felt there was something missing or absent within. I would ask myself, 'Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Is this all there is? Is there not more to me than just being here?' Every time I drove on Q Street, I would whisper quietly to myself, “You must check out that Hope Church.” I finally walked through those big glass doors the summer of 2016. That was it. The sermon I heard that day and the following weeks were literally speaking to me directly and loudly: As if the sermons were for my ears only. I remember going home that first Sunday feeling good, but also thinking about what the sermon was saying to me. It did not take me long to know that is where I needed to be. The door was open, the people inside were kind and welcoming. I felt unconditional love, peace, the feeling of belonging. I wanted to serve. I wanted to learn and grow stronger spiritually. God is meant to be in my life permanently, not part-time but full time. God brought me to Hope and gave me the courage to take the steps to walk-in. I now know that missing, absent feeling was GOD. "
- Rosanna Morrell


"We started to look for a church when we moved to Omaha. We tried many different churches around Omaha but Pastor Dave's message and the feeling we had when we attended service at Hope kept us coming back. The church's openness to different beliefs and ability to challenge our perspective, as well as the many opportunities to get involved, have confirmed our choice to join the Hope family. "
-Tyler and Kelsey Thraen