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Your spiritual life can be rich, even if we’re not meeting in person. Check below for prayers and devotions.

2021 Posts

Of Men Or Angels

He First Loved Us

Faith and Love


Be Courageous

God Is With Us

My Hope Is In You

God Leads Us

2020 Posts

Christmas is here!

Advent, Week 4

Advent Week 3

Advent, Week 2

Advent, Week 1



For What You Have Given

When You Need A Sign

Give Thanks

Through Every Season

Your Treasure

Prayer of Giving

God’s Guidance

The Gift of Prayer

God Hears Us



Through Good Times and Bad

God Is Our Hope

Being Sensitive To The Needs Of Others

Thank You for Pastor Jeri-Lynne

Prayer For Our New Pastor

Prayer For Children As They Head Back to School

Trusting God

Making Good Choices

God Gives Us Beauty

God’s Word Lasts Forever

Let The Children Come

A Prayer of Gratitude

Renewed Strength

Don’t Lean On Your Own Understanding

Rejoicing In What God Has Done

God Directs Our Hearts

You Are Not Alone

God Will Never Leave Us

Follow God

God Can Be Trusted

Beautiful Sunsets – A Gift From God

Draw Near To God

God Bless You

In Good Times and Bad

Well Done, Good And Faithful Servant

God’s Glory

He Cares For You

You Are Never Alone

Jesus Loves You

I Am Your God

Prayer for Students and Teachers

Trust In The Lord


Stay Positive


Thoughts for Meditation: Resilience

Thoughts for Meditation: God’s Care

Thoughts for Meditation: Putting God First

God Is Love

Trust In The Lord

Thoughts for Meditation: Resurrection

Thoughts for Meditation: Just As He Said

Thoughts for Meditation: Humility

Palm Sunday

Easter Sunday

Thoughts For Meditation: No Fear

Thoughts For Meditation: The Cross

Thoughts for Meditation: Study

Be Still

Prayer For The Sick

Five-Finger Prayer



"I joined Hope 18 years ago, motivated by my desire to find a place where I could raise my children in a Christian environment. Since that time, not only has Hope taught me to grow, explore and walk my own faith, I’ve witnessed my children develop, grow and walk their faith through different threads of their lives. As a parent, I am eternally grateful to the people and ministry of Hope for the myriad of parts so many people played in that journey. Since my mom is also a member and my daughter is now a mother herself, I’m joyful that four generations now attend Hope and can experience, as a family, God’s sovereign power and Christ’s love and forgiveness."
- Tracy Comba


"My husband and I have been attending Hope regularly for just over a year and I became a member around six months ago. We felt at home with Hope right away. I grew up in a small town and in an even smaller church. Moving to Omaha was a big change and it was overwhelming to me. Hope has that small town church feel to it where everyone knows each other, we share our joys and struggles with each other, and we feel like we really matter to this community. My husband grew up Catholic and has expressed how welcomed he's felt here every Sunday, even though he's not a formal member. I love to knit and have made a close group of friends with the ladies of the prayer shawl knitting group. This spring I was injured, needed surgery, and was off work for several weeks. We were blessed when members at Hope volunteered to bring us meals, gave me rides to church when I was unable to drive, helped us move from our apartment to a house, and continued to check up on my progress months after my surgery. We look forward to continue growing our faith, volunteering and participating in the numerous outreach programs, and continuing to build and foster relationships with the members here at Hope."
- Hannah Durbin