Confidence in God

Be Still

“Be Still” …ugh… That’s all I have been doing, yet NOT doing these past weeks. I have been “still” by not going to work, “still” within friendships and relationships, “still” within my daily routines and “still” within my house.

But, as I reflect on Exodus 14:14, I truly have not been “still”.  I have been anxious by not going to work, stressed about how my friends, family & neighbors are doing during this new normal and just plain worried about what will happen next.

When God tells us to be “still” he wants us to trust in him, trust he is fighting for us by being by our side, and trust that he will take our anxiety, stress and worry.

So, as hard as it is to be “still” in a time we are asked to stay put, trust him & know he is fighting for us all the time. I will be still and I know I will feel “still” at the same time.